When it rains

January 8, 2009

Amtrak left a pre-recorded message on my phone today. My train to Seattle tomorrow has been cancelled. Mudslides. And flooding has forced the closure of a section of I-5.

A bummer. An inconvenience. I’ll reschedule our board meeting and my trip.

Here are the recent headlines from Mindanao, where Leah lives.

1 killed, 7 missing in Mindanao floods 

Over 5,000 families displaced


CAGAYAN DE ORO – About 5,000 families in the southern Philippines have been displaced by flash floods and large waves spawned by heavy rains, officials said Saturday.

Leah took her  board exams last year in Cagayan de Oro about 60 miles/100 kilometers from her village. 

I spoke with her two days ago. She was in class; I could hear the loud voices of children, her students, who shouted “hello Cheryl” at Leah’s urging. She  said she was fine. Her family and village were fine.

I tried several times to call her tonight. Each time the phone rang and rang, ending in a pre-recorded operator’s message.


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