Full Moon Rising

January 11, 2009

I hiked up Bald Hill late this afternoon, just before sunset. I wanted to see the biggest, brightest full moon of 2009, the Wolf Moon. Clouds crawled in as I climbed. I caught  a glimpse of the Three Sisters, glowing against the black-blue background clouds. The snow reflected the sunset, the peaks humming with an orange-yellow light.

The trail was muddy and sucked at my running shoes. I kept crisscrossing to find the firmest path on the steep, slippery slope, well-travelled by bikers, hiking couples and families.

Quiet. The air moist.

At the top, I watched the sky turn flamingo pink and held out hope that the moon would make even a moment’s appearance. Perhaps I could see it between a sliver break in the deepening gray to the east. 

Nope. The clouds curtained the moon’s majesty tonight. I heard an owl hoo-hoo-hooting as I returned to my car.

I took a break from Isis Initiative, Inc. today. Fundraising, paperwork, letters, e-mails, phone calls. Even so, thoughts and ideas kept me company on my morning walk. I was tempted to sit down and compose a fundraising letter or two when I returned.

Instead, I remembered and kept my promise to myself, to spend the day in stillness, in nature. And despite the afternoon encroaching clouds, I went looking for the moon.


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