Pay attention

January 17, 2009

How quickly the days slip by. I had intended to post every day; and, somehow, four days have passed since my last post.

It’s not the days that slip by, it’s my attention that slips. And when I don’t pay attention, life, days, whole sentences in a conversation, slip right by me. 

I woke to the silver fog that hunkers down in the valley on winter mornings. Drawn perhaps to the Willamette River, the fog sits some days like a pause, hushed, cold. It rests after its journey east from the Pacific over the Coast Range. Sometimes it rolls in, sometimes it crawls. Sometimes it sticks. Sometimes it vanishes without its departure being noticed.

Today it parked. I headed west in the afternoon. In less than 20 minutes, I drove right into an unexpected blue sky. And a bright sun that dazzled my eyes and sent my spirits soaring.

Yesterday I had lunch with Natalie Lutnesky. She works in the office of Faculty Staff & Fitness and I often stop to visit with her on my way to or from my swimming class. She’d seen the article in the Gazette-Times and expressed a genuine desire to support Isis Initiative. She’s now creating a promotion campaign and materials for our Mardi Gras fundraiser next month at Block 15. (If you love jazz and local brew, stayed tuned for more news.)

I am enchanted and uplifted by the spontaneous and generous gifts I receive each day. Acts of service. Donations. Ideas. Contacts. Morning fog. The river that offers me company on my walks. And yes, those unexpected and cherished rays of light on a winter day in the Willamette Valley.

Life in Oregon offers an ongoing invitation to pay attention.


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