Dire Straits

January 30, 2009

I called Leah tonight after I read a report by Doctors without Borders about the “dire conditions” of the flood victims in Mindanao.  “Yes, there are many people whose homes were washed away and many people who are homeless,” Leah said.

Leah and her family are OK. Leah passed the cell phone to her brother, Joven:  “Hi Cheryl. I am fine. I miss you. Speak to Leah.”

I told Leah that I had written to Governor Loreto Leo Ocampos and informed him of our intention to fund another student’s college education. I also took the opportunity to tell him about Leah’s desire to teach in a public school next year. 

I mailed letters to Dr. Mike Perez and Dr. Leo Aguado, my orthopedic surgeon, at St. Patrick’s Hospital in Batangas City. I gave them an update on Leah and Isis Initiative; and, I told them I’d like to discuss the possibility of working with them to find students who want to pursue medical training, as nurses or doctors.


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