After Midnight

February 3, 2009

The moon is framed in the top right pane of glass. It’s bright, a half-moon, titled slightly, with its diagonal running from 2 to 8. I’m up way too late.

There are petty things I could rant about…like laundry room etiquette…and yet I’ve had a grand day. I find myself going to bed happy and waking up happy. And there’s this bright moon in the sky keeping me company.

The swim-a-thon garnered $335 in donations thus far. I spent my morning hand writing…funny I need to specify “hand” writing, since most writing is done on computers now, via e-mail, or blogs, or Facebook. I’m learning the beauty and benefits of these modern tools.

Yet I adore a handwritten note. With a beautiful stamp, paying homage to someone or something. A piece of art on the envelope. I smile when I open my post office box and find a note, a personal note, with human handwriting, among the mass-generated machine labels on credit cards offers and solicitations.

I’ve traveled the world and I’ve sent postcards from some crazy places, from the anarchy of Somalia once, just to see if the my thoughts and writing would reach the intended destination. From war zones and moonlit beaches. From forests and deserts.

I love writing and sending notes, cards, letters. I look for special paper, the right card, a fine stamp. I put time, care, thought, energy into my personal correspondence. And it makes me happy, truly happy, to send my cards and letters. 

I sent more than 50 e-mails telling people about my swim-a-thon. I got a handful of responses. It seems a few people still write checks and mail them; however, I received inquiries about online donations.

So, I opened a PayPal account.

You can now donate through our Web site.

Or you can send me a check and a note in the mail. Thank you.

Good night moon.


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