Frequent Fliers

March 5, 2009

I need  an airplane ticket for a roundtrip from Portland, Oregon to Manila.

We now have enough money to offer a scholarship to our next candidate in the Philippines. The school year will start in June. I need to go to the Philippines and meet the candidate and set up our program there. The IRS requires us to verify our international work with on-site visits. I last went with my own funds in October 2007 to attend Leah’s Tribute Day and meet her family and classmates. It’s time for another visit, our first since we incorporated in February 2008.

Here’s our concern: we want to spend our current resources on tuition, books, uniforms and transportation for the next student we’re offering a scholarship. Ideally, we need a donation of a ticket (via frequent flier miles) or the money for a ticket for the trip to the Philippines.

I priced tickets on Northwest Airlines, the best value for a roundtrip from Portland, OR to Manila. Right now, a trip in April would cost

a) at least $1100

b) a minimum of 120,000 miles

c) a combo of 60,000 miles and $550

On this trip, I’ll meet with Leah and learn about her first year as an elementary school teacher. I’ll meet with the dean of education and faculty at LaSalle University–Ozamiz. I’ll meet with Governor Ocampos. 

We’ll allocate the funds for the scholarship and I’ll meet the candidate. I’ll gather more video footage and stills to update our Web site to keep our donors and the public informed of our progress.

That’s a lot of value for the investment/donation.

If anyone has a surplus of business miles about to expire, or has miles he or she would like to use to purchase an award ticket for this trip, please contact us. If anyone would like to make a donation to purchase the ticket, please let me know. Or if anyone has any ideas or possibilities that I haven’t mentioned , I’m listening.

Thank you.


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