Congratulations, Leah!

March 15, 2009

I called Leah last night: Sunday morning in the Philippines. I could hear the roosters squawking. It was difficult to hear Leah, though.

I felt as if I were talking on one of those tin-can-and-string phones that I’d made as a child. There were long pauses between when I spoke and when she heard what I’d said, so we kept overlapping our questions and answers. We spent a lot of time saying “Leah?” “Cheryl?” “Yes, Cheryl, I’m here.” “Yes, Leah, I’m here. Go ahead.”

I called to congratulate her on completing her first year as a teacher. Her school year ends on March 20 then she has administrative work until the end of March. She’d like to teach in a public school when classes resume in June. She said there were 28 applicants for her local public school and no positions available: no one had retired. 

Once she’s on vacation, she will help with “our project,” as she calls it. Leah will be a member of our local committee that will find candidates for the first Isis Initiative scholarship, as part of “Leah’s Dream,” our project inspired by Leah. At the age of 31, she returned to college and achieved her dream of becoming a teacher .

I told her I planned to visit her soon to see her family and work on “our project.”

I’m working on that airplane ticket. Anyone with ideas or…. Donations? A reward ticket? 

Thank you. And Congratulations, Leah!

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