Annual Report

March 18, 2009

As a nonprofit corporation, we must pay an annual fee ($50) to renew our corporate registration. I sent my fee to the Secretary of State, Corporate Division. 

I received a letter: 

“We were unable to process your document due to the following reason(s):

Your processing fee has been received, but not the annual report/coupon.”

Yikes! What does that mean? Annual report? We’ve only just begun, as the song goes. I wouldn’t know how or what to report. 

I had visions of glossy, high-end publications. Heck, I’ve done annual report work as a photographer. I was suddenly concerned that we did not have the time or the resources to produce an annual report. If we don’t submit an annual report, our organization could be dissolved.

I called Kathy DeYoung at Financial Stewardship Resources. She has been incredibly generous with her time and expertise. She explained that an annual report in this context is simply a half-page form. I can submit it online. (Actually, I checked and it wouldn’t allow me to submit it online, perhaps because they already have my fee.)

It’s great news, though. I simply complete the form with our type of business, business address and the names and addresses of our board members.

It’ll take me two minutes tops. I’ll have it in the mail this afternoon. 

And one day, we’ll have plenty to publish in an annual report. We’ll have the resources to share our success stories with our generous donors and global community. We’ll publish pages of beautiful writing and photography  of women pursuing college educations with the help of Isis Initiative, Inc.


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