Third Time’s a Charm

April 1, 2009

I finished the IRS Form 1023. I gave myself a March 30 deadline and I made it.

The process was not without it’s challenges and frustrations. I woke up early to complete the online version of the form, using the print version I’d completed by hand as a reference. I saved it as a PDF, feeling positively gleeful, only to discover when I opened the saved file that none of my input had actually been saved. Huh?

Never mind. I diligently completed the form a second time. Saved it as a PDF. Same result. You are kidding me! I’d spent four hours and had no document to show for it.

Deep breath, Cheryl. Now walk away.

Treasurer Samanda Dorger reviewed my work and listened to my whines of exasperation. I took frequent breaks to revel in the California sunshine and a cup of tea as I worked my way through the computer glitches. 

Midway through the process, John East made a house call and ran a diagnostic on my computer. It was in serious need of some TLC and defragging. 

I had a happy computer the next day. I completed all the essay answers. I finetuned the history I’d written earlier about our nonprofit: Section IV. The narrative. I answered the questions in Section VIII about our fundraising efforts. I filled out Section H, which pertained to our scholarships. I created and included a example of the application that we will give our scholarship candidates.

It’s a substantial form and a thorough questionnaire; it takes concentrated diligence and attention to complete it.

I went to the public library when I returned to Corvallis and tried one more time to complete the online IRS Form 1023. I saved the document after I completed each page, hoping for a different result. Hoping the third time would be a charm. Yes! Mission accomplished. 

I e-mailed Kathy DeYoung at Financial Steward Resources. She said she’d look over my work and then we’d meet to discuss my application before I sent it to the IRS. I dropped it at her office this afternoon.

We decided to include a nondiscriminatory policy in our scholarship application process. I asked our lawyer, Justin Wirth, at Jeanne Smith and Associates in Corvallis, to review my language on the policy statement. He’ll get back to me by the end of the week.

It’s coming together. I intend to have the paperwork in the mail next week. Then I can turn my attention to fundraising, getting a ticket to the Philippines and finding the resources to pay for our first promotional DVD.

Library’s closing in 10 minutes. Gotta post and fly.


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