Four Scholarship Candidates

May 19, 2009

I spoke with Leah last night. Her cell phone has been out of commission for some time: her battery died. She borrowed a friend’s battery until she can replace her phone. 

Two of her colleagues volunteered to join her on the scholarship committee. On Saturday, they collected scholarship applications from four young women. They explained that only one would be selected for a scholarship. Leah said the women were so surprised and excited that we would offer a scholarship for a complete college education.

I realized as I spoke with Leah that I take the ease of my life for granted. Leah and the two teachers spent their whole day Saturday volunteering for Isis Initiative. First, they traveled to the village to meet the young women. Then they waited while the women carefully completed the forms. Leah thought to bring a camera and took a group photo of the candidates so we could put faces with names as we review the applications.

The women will need to travel back to their schools to get their original records and then take them to be copied. We require school transcripts as proof of a solid academic performance. It seems like a simple request from this side of the ocean. 

Leah will send the completed applications first. The school records will follow in a separate mailing. Her committee will recommend a candidate. Our board will then review the documents and consider their recommendation. We hope to make a decision by late July.


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