At Last

June 21, 2009

On June 18, 2009, I took our completed Form 1023 to the Corvallis post office and mailed it to the IRS office in Kentucky.

Each day, for several days, I missed my self-appointed deadline. Today is the day, I’d think; and then I’d find a typo.

Each time I’d think I had a perfect application, I’d find a style or formatting error. And some were tiny mistakes, mistakes most people might miss–or having discovered them, they might let them slide.

I couldn’t. I didn’t. I ferreted out two spaces instead of one after a period; references to FORM and Form 1o23; inconsistency in my use of serial commas. I worked for accuracy and consistency.

There was no parade or confetti or fanfare at the post office to mark the big event. The lady at the counter was grumpy.

I said a blessing for the application and sent an e-mail to my board to let them know the application was on its way to the IRS.


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