Message in a Bottle

August 30, 2009

Each time I write a post, I’m standing on a rock on the edge of the ocean, tossing a message in bottle into the surf, hoping and believing someone out there will find it, read it and share the story.

My blog stats tell a different story. I have a few peaks on the graphs and then some sustained plains like the African savannah.

I’ve been writing for eight months with the idea that I would share my journey of creating and building a nonprofit. I’m telling the story on multiple levels: the administrative challenges, the generosity of friends and strangers, the possibility of making a difference with small gestures and big dreams, the hope of uplifting women.

I think of that proverbial tree in the forest with no one to witness its fall.

And then I think of Sting’s “hundred million bottles washed up on the shore.”

I enjoy the writing. I believe in the nonprofit. I’ll keep sending out my message.


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