Belated Birthday

September 7, 2009

I haven’t been able to reach Leah yet. I’m sure she’s OK. She’d have no reason to be on a ferry these days, although she has traveled by ferry in the past. School’s in session and with the +15 hour time change, it’s tricky to catch her outside the classroom.

I remembered her birthday is in August. When I spoke with her recently I asked for her birthdate. She said August 15.

I called her on August 15–the day after our last board meeting–to tell her we’d chosen Marethel Guinsayao as our scholarship recipient. I asked Leah to extend our congratulations to Marethel….and did not wish her a happy birthday.

Last year I sent her a card and a small gift plenty early enough to reach her before her birthday. I enjoy sending cards and good wishes and I’ve always been good at remembering and delivering them. This year, for whatever reason, my calendar has been unreliable.

Talking to Leah on her birthday and not wishing her a happy birthday sent a message loud and clear. Get organized, Cheryl. Get back on track.

I went to my local independent bookstore, Grass Roots Books and Music, and ordered a date book to keep a record of the birthdays and anniversaries of my friends.

I’ll have it this week.

I’m sending Leah a card, a gift and my belated birthday wishes.

Please join me in wishing Leah a happy birthday.


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