Stay Tuned

September 14, 2009

We received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service. Not the acceptance letter we were waiting for. A letter requesting more information.

I advised the board of this latest development. Board member Alice Anderson, who’s a sophomore at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine, sent me an e-mail:

“hey! we heard back from them at least! that’s a start :)”

I second her enthusiasm.

Here’s page 3 of the letter.

This is page 3 of a letter we received from the IRS.

This is page 3 of a letter we received from the IRS.

Before I received this letter, I had called the IRS at 877-829-5500 and spoke with Ms. Lee, who provided her ID number and answered my questions.  I was concerned that we had not been able to file our first 990N form. She told me that Isis Initiative, Inc. had been assigned a case officer, Mr. Eric Kaye.

Ms. Lee was kind, professional and helpful. And I didn’t have to hold an eternity to speak with her, as I had feared.

The letter we received came from Mr. Kaye. It said that he needed proof that our “Articles of Incorporation meet the requirements needed for exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the Code. This evidence is shown by a dated, “filed” stamp from the Secretary of State of your state.”

We had submitted the copy of our Articles of Incorporation that we had received from the Oregon Secretary of State. Our copy is missing the vital “filed” stamp. I called the Oregon Secretary of State’s office this morning and spoke with Nat, who told me he’d send me a form to request the stamped document. Or I could download the request form online.

I’m looking for a speedy solution, so I went to my lawyer’s office and asked if they had the proper copy of our Articles of Incorporation on file. No. They hadn’t received it although they’d requested it at the time we filed in February 2008.

This is a small glitch. And it’s frustrating.

But my lawyer’s office has requested the paperwork and I hope to have it this week.

Stay tuned.


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