Leah To The Rescue

October 19, 2009

I spoke with Leah at 4 a.m. this morning. I was expecting good news: that Leah had met Marethel and her family and had enrolled her in college.

After our conversation, I found it impossible to get back to sleep. The news wasn’t good.

The money we’d sent last month was not in Leah’s account. The funds were intended to pay for Marethel’s tuition, boarding and uniforms; she needed to enroll on Monday. (See my post on October 5.)

Leah spent the morning at Allied Bank in Ozamiz City. There was no money, no explanation and no one could help her.

Marethel had texted Leah from Molave on the Zamboanga Penisula, where she was waiting for Leah. She had traveled a significant distance from her home to meet Leah. They planned to go to the college and pay Marethel’s tuition.

Leah bought a bus ticket and made the four-hour roundtrip to give Marethel what money she had in her wallet as a downpayment on tuition. She promised to return in two weeks with rest of the necessary funds.

Leah sounded so tired when we spoke. It was 7 p.m. her time and she’d just returned home.

I realized later today that Leah has taken on an awful lot to help us. She’s never had a bank account. Never had to deal with international money transfers. Doesn’t have experience dealing with tellers and bank managers.

She has precious little discretionary income, yet she parted with all the money in her wallet without hesitation.

Leah wades right into the deep waters and finds a way. Even when she thinks she’s in over her head.

Thank you, Leah.


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