March 14, 2010


"Justice." A painting in egg tempera by Oregon artist Julie Green. http://www.greenjulie.com

I purchase art to mark special occasions in my life. When Isis Initiative, Inc. received non-profit status from the Internal Revenue Service last October, I decided to celebrate with a painting.

I had seen Julie’s painting in two separate exhibits. I asked her if she still had it and told her I’d like to buy it. And I told her why. We both thought “Justice” was the perfect choice. She gave me the friend’s plan and allowed me to purchase it in installments. It’s a beautiful approach. It gave Julie time to spend with the painting, time to say goodbye. And it gave me a way to work the purchase into my budget.

Last Thursday, on a rainy Oregon night, we shared a pot of tea and conversation in front of a fire before I took the painting home.

It was the perfect transition. It’s the perfect painting to celebrate Isis Initiative, Inc. and the work we do. Justice. Educating and uplifting women goes a long way to creating justice in our world.

And I love supporting and celebrating an artist and a friend like Julie Green. And I love having her painting to celebrate our work. And I just love the painting.


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