Focus on What’s Right

May 1, 2010

I was listening to an interview on NPR recently with Nicholas Kristof, an international correspondent who wrote the book, Half the Sky, with his wife, Cheryl Wu Dunn.

He mentioned that journalists usually focus on what’s wrong.

That one phrase caught my attention: focus on what’s wrong. Why not focus on what’s right, I thought?

As a photographer, I understand the concept. I am a full-frame shooter. Everything that’s in the frame is what I want in the frame. Each element contributes to the composition, the content, the emotion. Focus on what’s right.

My work with Isis Initiative, Inc. comes from a similar point of view. I grew weary and soul sick of focusing on dying children, rotting corpses and the devastation and brutality of war. I decided to make a difference helping women overseas gain access to education. Focus on what’s right.

The title of the book, Half the Sky, comes from a Chinese proverb that says that women hold up half the sky. Jody Williams, the Nobel laureate, recently said she thinks women hold up way more than half.

I agree. I think empowering women is one way to make an enormous difference for the health and welfare of our planet and the people who live on her.

And Isis Initiative, Inc. is my way to focus on what’s right.


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