Failure to Communicate

May 3, 2010

I finally reached Leah by telephone.

The last time we had spoken, she had mentioned she would be sticking close to home until after the May 10 elections in the Philippines. There was “unrest” on Mindanao. I had tried calling several times and received a recorded message that stated the “subscriber was not available.” Originally I was calling to ask if she’d had any news about her appointment to a teaching position at the public school. As the days passed and I wasn’t able to reach her, I just  wanted to hear Leah’s voice and know she and her family were OK.

When we finally connected, Leah told me it was brownouts that cut the cell phone service. No electricity. No cell phones. And they were without electricity every other day.

She had great news. She has received a public school job, as a substitute in June and July for a teacher who’s going on maternity leave. Leah believes that she will receive her own classroom when the academic year resumes in August. She said she cried when she learned the news. She said this is the job she’s dreamed of all her life. I told her I was so happy for her and so proud of her.

She will receive nearly triple the salary she’s made at the private elementary school the past two years. When she becomes a permanent hire, she’ll get benefits and she’ll have a job for life. Another bonus: she can walk to her school–no transportation costs.

Bravo, Leah.


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