A Letter from Leah

October 19, 2010

Hi Cheryl,
How are you there in Alaska? I know you’re so busy with your new job. We are fine here especially my mother.
I got my salary for my 2 months substitution in the public school last third week of September. I received Php. 30,319.00 it’s a check and I went to Land Bank to incash it. I paid all my debts since April when I had no job. I’m so happy because we have water already in our lavatory, CR and a shower it was installed two days after I got my salary so when you are here there’s no problem with water anymore. That’s my project with my salary. There’s also a faucet between our house and Joel’s house and that’s for them but they will pay one half of my water bill. I bought all the materials so that they have water also.
I love you and I miss you so much…

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