The Original and Fabulous Mighty Isis

November 18, 2010


Ashley A. loves Egypt as much as I do. She’s already visited Egypt once and longs to return.

She’s a student in the JRN 421 (Journalism in Perspective) class I’m teaching at University of Alaska Fairbanks. One day in class, I told the story of how I adored Mighty Isis as a young girl. For me, she represented a powerful and beautiful woman, the perfect role model. And, I, too, love all things Egyptian: the history, the culture, the art, the mythology.

When I named my nonprofit Isis Initiative, Inc., I had the mythology of Isis, the Egyptian goddess, in mind: a powerful woman who gathered what had been broken and scattered (the body parts of her murdered husband, Osiris) and breathed new life into them. I thought Isis was the perfect symbol for an organization created by a former war photographer to help fund scholarships for women who had the desire but not the resources to pursue a college education. When I started my blog, Mighty Isis: the Adventures of a Social Entrepreneur, I had Mighty Isis, the cartoon heroine in mind.

I love the sound of “Mighty Isis.” The assonance of the long ‘i.’ To this day, it sounds like an incantation, a magic spell.

I remain deeply moved that Ashley was willing to share her prized comic book, the number one of The Mighty Isis series, with me. Her father had bought it for her because he knew of her love for Egypt.



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