Leah’s Latest News

August 7, 2011

Leah has sought a teaching position in a public school near her village for more than two years. Twice she’s been next in line for an available position and twice the position has been given to someone with connections to the administration.
Here’s the latest news she sent in an email:
Hi Cheryl,
How are you? I received the post card you sent, thank you so much. I sent already the receipts of Marethel’s tuition fee last semester and this semester.
Cheryl, I’m here in Puerto Galera I arrived here last Thursday. I will try my luck here and my friends are helping me to get a teaching job in the public school. I am very disappointed there in my place. I haven’t see the Congressman only his staff and they said they will only give me a recommendation which they did when he was still a governor but the Division office won’t honor that one.
Joel and his family are the one taking care of our mother.  I’m still hoping that I could get a job. I would always call my mother because she doesn’t want me to leave her but I told her that I’m doing this for her.
I love you Cheryl and I miss you so much..
Love, Leah
It’s frustrating to the board members and donors of Isis Initiative, Inc. that Leah has worked so hard and has not been able to realize her dream despite all her efforts.
After her graduation, then Gov. Loreto Leo Ocampos honored Leah as a “Face of Hope.” He’s now serves in the national legislature as a representative for Misamis Occidental. I met Mr. Ocampos in 2007 when I attended Leah’s graduation. I intend to write him and ask him to look into Leah’s situation.
We’re concerned about funding the education of young women in the Philippines if they are unable to put their education and their desire to teach and serve into practice after graduation.

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